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In this post  about online teaching, we will be discussing how to select the right equipment for your online teaching course or program

There are four key pieces of equipment that you must pay close attention to: your computer, your camera, your microphone, and the software applications.

Your Computer – The First Equipment For Online Teaching

online teaching: Apple iMacYour computer, laptop or tablet is the centre of your online teaching career. Without it, you won’t be able to effectively create and implement a course. Your computer has to be fast enough to be able to run the latest versions of video editing software or screen recording software. It also has to have a high screen resolution (as much as 1920 x 1080 pixels).

Since my courses focus primarily on video creation and design, I invested in a super-fast 27-inch iMac. You can see an image of that computer above. Although I spent a lot of money on that computer, it has proven to be a worthwhile investment because it is ideal for doing my creative work, and creating online courses.

Your Camera – The Second Equipment For Online Teaching

There are various types of cameras that you could use for your course. You could use an external The Best Canon DSLR Cameras for Videowebcam, a video camera, or a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. For most of my courses I’ve used an external webcam. However, when I just started and I wanted to make high quality promotional videos, I used my DSLR camera. I’ll tell you more about video skills in the next post.

You ca an image of the DSLR camera is shown on your right.

Your Microphone – The Third Equipment For Online Teaching

online teachingHaving good audio is crucial for an online course. People won’t want to come back to your course if they can barely hear what you’re saying. Initially, I didn’t have an external microphone. However, as I’ve progressed I’ve started using more professional equipment to get a better sound. One relatively inexpensive option is the Blue Snowball. It costs about $50 on Amazon. You can see an image of this microphone is shown on your left. The Blue Yeti is higher quality and is, therefore, a bit more expensive. 

Software Applications – The Fourth Equipment For Online Teaching

We can create many online courses using basic and easily accessible software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and QuickTime. However, there may be some applications that you’ll need to purchase for more creative courses.

Two great applications are ScreenFlow and Camtasia. They allow you to record your screen, your voice, and video simultaneously, automatically syncing everything for easy editing. Photoshop is a great piece of software for designing course images, presentations, and promotions. Don’t let its price get you down. GIMP is a free version that does practically everything that you can do in Photoshop. Don’t let your budget be a barrier to your online teaching career. Use what you have until you are able to invest in something better.

You can reinvest the first couple hundreds of dollars that you earn into purchasing equipment. Setting this goal will motivate you to work harder to ensure that your course succeeds.

Action Item Do your research and make a wish list of your ideal online teaching equipment. Remember that what you need depends on your niche. Keep your list available so that you can check off items when you’ve purchased them.

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